2013 GRBJ Media Kit

The Grand Rapids Business Journal (and more recently have been West Michigan’s source of trusted, thorough, fair and accurate news since 1983.

We often celebrate the achievements of business leaders in our pages, and business leaders in turn come us for in depth unbiased reporting. Our readers are well-educated — 78 percent have a four-year degree or higher — and well-established in the local community. Nearly half own their own business while 62 percent serve on one or more boards or commissions. Seventy one percent of readers pass their copy of the Business Journal on to others at work and 96 percent say they refer back to their copy multiple times throughout the week.

The issues most important to our readers include the cost of health insurance, the economy, a balanced budget, government regulation and taxes — all topics we cover every week. When asked about accuracy, quality of writing, layout and design and overall value of our print and extended products, our readers consistently rank the Business Journal between 90 and 100 percent. It’s no wonder 97 percent say they plan to renew their subscriptions — year after year.


Their businesses are not standing still either. Twenty-five percent of Business Journal subscribers say they plan to expand or relocate their offices in the coming year. Twenty percent will shop for a new healthcare provider for their employees, and 14 percent are shopping for a new bank. Clearly our subscribers are seeking partnerships with new vendors.


Grand Rapids Business Journal print and web subscribers are affluent too. Seventy-eight percent are between the ages of 35 and 64 — at the peak of their careers and income earning potential. Eighty-one percent have a household income over $100,000; 22 percent over $200,000. Grand Rapids Business Journal readers aren’t just influential in their roles at work, but also at home. Forty-four percent have a net worth of more than $1 million.


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