Governor Snyder proposes state budget

February 7, 2018
LANSING — Governor Rick Snyder is seeking to boost base funding for most of Michigan's public schools by the largest dollar amount in 17 years and to end the state's use of a company to feed prisoners. Read More

Governor Snyder: 'No question' Michigan in better shape than in 2010

January 24, 2018
LANSING — Governor Rick Snyder touted yesterday Michigan's economic and fiscal gains under his watch, saying his tenure has had "huge ups and downs," but the state is in better shape than before he took office. Read More

Taxes, driver debt and prevailing wages atop Michigan legislative agenda

January 15, 2018
LANSING — At the onset of 2018, Michigan lawmakers have a growing to-do list — led by talk of cutting taxes, wiping clean driver-fee debt and improving mental health services. Read More

Michigan lawmakers getting more sexual harassment training

January 12, 2018
LANSING — The Michigan Legislature is mandating more frequent sexual harassment training amid the national reckoning with sexual misconduct. Read More

Michigan sues Wolverine Worldwide

January 11, 2018
LANSING — Michigan environmental regulators are suing Wolverine Worldwide over widely used industrial chemical contaminants that were dumped into the ground decades ago and have seeped into drinking water, saying the lawsuit is necessary to lock into place response efforts and reimburse the government for past and future costs. Read More

Tax incentives, retirement changes among top Michigan laws of 2017

January 2, 2018
LANSING — New economic development tax incentives and the cost of retirement benefits for public sector workers dominated Michigan's list of new laws in 2017. Read More

Lawsuit challenges partisan gerrymandering in Michigan

December 27, 2017
LANSING — Democrats and others are suing to challenge Michigan's Republican-crafted congressional and legislative districts, arguing that "excessive" partisan gerrymandering has unconstitutionally marginalized Democratic voters and that the maps should be re-drawn. Read More

Michigan legislators approve $23M for contamination response

December 26, 2017
LANSING — State legislators have approved spending $23.2 million to address what state regulators said is an emerging problem of drinking water contamination caused by chemicals used in firefighting foams, cleaning products and industrial applications. Read More

Michigan Supreme Court orders state to return $554M to school employees

December 21, 2017
LANSING — The Michigan Supreme Court has ordered the state to return $554 million to nearly 275,000 school employees and retirees who saw a portion of their pay illegally deducted for retiree health care for about two years, ending a lengthy legal battle that stretched across two governorships. Read More

Group submits signatures for Michigan re-districting initiative

December 19, 2017
LANSING — A group opposed to political gerrymandering has submitted more than 425,000 signatures for a ballot drive that would empower an independent commission to draw Michigan's congressional and legislative districts, which backers said would make the once-a-decade process less partisan. Read More