Questions remain on mental health insurance coverage

LANSING — When new provisions of the federal Affordable Care Act take effect next year, a number of things could change, but don’t expect a clear answer as to what those changes will be. Read More

New farm workers coming from Eastern Europe

But numbers aren’t enough to make up for feared labor shortage.

LANSING — Few people are interested in the hard, dirty toil of farm labor. But hard work is nothing new for some in a transitory lifestyle already long-lived. Read More

Unmanned drones soar into regulation

LANSING — Amid a roiling national debate about U.S. military-targeted drone strikes abroad and privacy concerns at home, some higher education institutions in Michigan are seeking authorization to fly their own unmanned aircraft for testing and research. Read More

Tablet computers springing up in more classrooms

Instructors are adapting their lessons to keep up with technology.

LANSING — How do you keep students interested? Novelty. Read More