John Parker

John Parker

John Parker is the vice president of project development for Elzinga & Volkers Construction Professionals. He works closely with clients in the early stages of project planning and pre-construction, helping guide teams from concept to reality. Parker’s experience ranges from complex health care and industrial renovations to new senior living and retail construction.


Different OSHA perspectives lead to different results

April 12, 2017
The news has been filled lately with stories about reducing regulatory oversight on businesses as a way to strengthen the private sector and encourage investment. While it’s true that regulatory agencies and government departments are known to add more bureaucracy than they remove, at a local level, these agencies can be more of an asset to your business and not just red tape. Read More

Stay warm out there

December 30, 2016
Those of us who have lived in Michigan for any length of time know that a Michigan winter can be harsh. Sub-zero temperatures and lake-effect snow can close our schools and grind our highways to a halt. Along those same lines, the Michigan winter certainly doesn’t consider the continued demand for construction in West Michigan when it blows into our area. Read More

Being award-worthy

September 28, 2016
It’s awards season for the West Michigan construction industry. Read More

A case for construction manager-led safety training

July 13, 2016
Anybody familiar with construction safety will recognize the term “responsible individual” as the person on a job site, or within an organization, who is responsible for and knowledgeable of proper safety techniques. Read More

Rightsizing your construction career

January 14, 2016
In a recent Grand Rapids Business Journal article, the Associated General Contractors of America note that 71 percent of construction companies surveyed plan to add new employees in the coming year. This expansion of staff is necessary to meet the increased demand for new construction and indicates that the industry is projecting sustained growth for the near future. Read More

The case for design-build trade contractors

September 30, 2015
I was recently reminded of the many outstanding, high-quality specialty trade contractors in West Michigan. Read More

An oath to construction safety

March 17, 2015
As we're in the midst of our celebration and training events for Alive 365: Safety Week, I've been thinking a lot about the construction profession and our obligations to each other and our clients. Read More

Re-think the RFP

January 31, 2015
If you’re a buyer, seller, owner, constructor or designer of buildings, you’ve undoubtedly used or responded to an RFP, or request for proposal. Read More

How to fight the rising cost of construction

November 30, 2014
If you're planning a construction project or dusting off an old one, you've no doubt seen the impact of a rising demand for commercial construction labor and materials on your project’s budget. Read More

Skilled trades build up high school grads

August 19, 2014
It’s back-to-school time again, and for many West Michigan high school seniors, their last year will be both exciting and a little nerve-racking. Read More