Little-known agencies affect everyday life

LANSING — Sick of watching training videos of how to work safely in an office and how to avoid passing on a virus to your coworkers when you get a cold? Read More

Muskegon trying old tires for pothole problems

February 14, 2014
LANSING — Old tires may pave the way for new Michigan road repairs. Read More

Made in Michigan proposal could save breweries money

Tax credit designed to strengthen connections with local farms.

February 14, 2014
LANSING — Let the Germans make our beer? Michigan legislators say “no thanks” with a proposal to support the state’s own talented brewers. Read More

Bill would allow state to purchase more land

Local governments want more say in the decisions.

LANSING — A bill that would uncap the amount of land the state owns and manages is being met with some opposition. Read More