Raquel Salas builds law firm

July 15, 2014
A well-rounded attorney and a co-founding partner of Avanti Law Group, Raquel Salas is a self-described business-savvy Dominican immigrant with a knack for client development and negotiation. Read More

Tami VandenBerg activates community

July 15, 2014
Tami VandenBerg is a business woman, a community leader and an activist willing to take enormous risks, blending a love for community, event organizing, the arts and helping vulnerable people. Read More

Sara Smolenski leads outside of courtroom

July 1, 2014
A native of Grand Rapids, Judge Sara Smolenski was first appointed to the 63rd District Court of the Michigan Supreme Court in 1996 and has been reelected every six years since. Read More

Mary Ellen Rodgers oversees growth

July 1, 2014
It's hard to sum up Mary Ellen Rodgers’ influence locally and on the national stage through her work at Deloitte LLP. Read More

Mandee Rick loans leadership

June 17, 2014
As senior vice president and portfolio management team leader, Mandee Rick oversees a group of 11 portfolio managers and credit analysts at Huntington Bank who work with significant loan portfolios for companies with annual revenues from $25 million and up. Read More

Shannon Wilson advocates for minority health care

June 17, 2014
Shannon Wilson is a rising, dynamic leader focused on improving the health and well-being of Grand Rapids area residents. Read More

Michelle Rabideau raises up community

June 3, 2014
Michelle Rabideau is committed to the betterment of the community. Read More

Amna Seibold takes the lead

June 3, 2014
Amna Seibold may be the only woman mayor in the county right now, but she's on a mission to see more women in public office and wants to see more gender-balanced governmental representation. Read More

Amy Proos leads through recession

May 20, 2014
Amy Proos prides herself on honesty, and that trait has proven crucial to the survival, revival and growth of Proos Manufacturing Inc. Read More

Peggy Murphy uncovers the bottom line

May 6, 2014
With 32 years in the tax preparation and advisory business and a regular guest expert spot for WOOD Radio’s “Morning News Show,” Peggy Murphy is a Grand Rapids business star in her own right. Read More