Street Talk: Prepare for productivity blackout

Senior moments.

August 18, 2017
For the first time since 1979, the United States will have a front-row seat to a total solar eclipse stretching 70 miles wide and following a path from Oregon to South Carolina. Read More

GRBJ Podcast: Susan DeVuyst-Miller of Ferris State University

August 15, 2017
Susan DeVuyst-Miller — an assistant professor at the Ferris State University College of Pharmacy — is the featured guest in episode 47 of the GRBJ Podcast. Read More

Street Talk: County moves to halt spread of methane

Economics 101.

August 11, 2017
The Kent County Department of Public Works discovered a migration of methane gas to the west of the Kentwood Landfill during routine monitoring in 2016. Read More

Q&A: Ellie Winter

August 8, 2017
For the past 33 years, Ellie Winter has worked with individuals and families on their personal financial needs, and also has provided financial and benefit plan education to corporate executives and employees. Read More

GRBJ Podcast: Rachel Bartels of Hello West Michigan

August 8, 2017
Rachel Bartels, program manager at Hello West Michigan, is the featured guest in episode 46 of the GRBJ Podcast. Read More

Street Talk: The impact of doing good

Ticket to ride.

August 4, 2017
Local First has released its mid-year report highlighting how local companies use their business as a force for good. Read More

GRBJ Podcast: Eric Engelbarts of Meijer State Games of Michigan

August 1, 2017
Eric Engelbarts, executive director of Meijer State Games of Michigan, is the featured guest in episode 45 of the GRBJ Podcast. Read More

Street Talk: Kramer’s furniture showdown takedown

Tiny titans

July 28, 2017
Earlier this month, CNBC Mad Money host Jim Kramer took a crack at comparing two of West Michigan’s most notable companies: Steelcase and Herman Miller. Read More

Q&A: Lauren Jaenicke

July 25, 2017
Lauren Jaenicke has worked for Essence Restaurant Group for 10 years and spent the last three years as its marketing and sustainability director. Read More