Carole Valade

Carole Valade

Carole Valade is editor of Gemini Publications, which includes Grand Rapids Business Journal, Grand Rapids Magazine and Grand Rapids Family Magazine. Email Carole at cvalade at grbj dot com. Follow her on Twitter @valadester


As Michigan rebounds, complacency is the biggest threat

April 18, 2014
Business Leaders for Michigan revealed its media campaign this month to focus on a cup less than half full of accomplishments it had identified to guide the state to a top 10 status for jobs, personal income and economic health. Read More

Expanding research hub will drive region’s economy

April 11, 2014
In 2010, Michigan State University, in a landmark decision, greatly raised the profile of the Medical Mile and Michigan’s Life Sciences Corridor with its opening of the College of Human Medicine’s Secchia Center across from Van Andel Institute. Read More

Small business outreach could be a model to replicate

April 4, 2014
The city of Holland has an often unappreciated richness of diversity that likely could hold some type of “best of” rank, especially for the creative class generation of millennials. Read More

Look and listen before spending on projects that don’t serve public needs

March 28, 2014
Transportation issues are certainly a focus point in regional (and state) planning this year, bringing to the forefront initiatives and plans discussed for almost a decade — and bringing back discussion of old errors. Read More

‘Hidden’ talent offers big score

March 21, 2014
The spring awards and recognition events offer exceptional examples of business leaders and organizations walking the talk of inclusion in business ranks and recruitment. Read More

Business input is vital to sustainability issues

March 7, 2014
The West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum, a program that had its start 20 years ago, is presenting a luncheon program March 10, with the U.S. Green Building Council West Michigan Chapter, on sustainability and resiliency. Read More

‘It is better to fail unconventionally than to succeed conventionally’

February 28, 2014
Grand Rapids Business Journal this week provides a focus on women who lead businesses, corporations, governments and nonprofits in West Michigan, and while 50 are profiled, there are dozens more who choose not to be a part of the nomination and selection process. Read More

‘Climate of collaboration’ is making GRPS a national model

February 21, 2014
Various reports and projections on the West Michigan and Michigan economy are showing notable upticks, providing at least short-term confidence to further fuel growth. Read More

Budget director says roads are priority, legislators must agree

February 14, 2014
In the sunshine of a pause from unprecedented and relentless snow accumulations, no Michigan driver can avert their attention from the equally unprecedented proliferation of potholes, further destroying an already crumbling and dangerous infrastructure. Read More

Farm Bill should inspire even more bipartisan work

February 7, 2014
It is undoubtedly the best work of federal legislators in more than two years. Read More