Carole Valade

Carole Valade

Carole Valade is editor of Gemini Publications, which includes Grand Rapids Business Journal, Grand Rapids Magazine and Michigan Blue Magazine. Email Carole at cvalade at grbj dot com. Follow her on Twitter @valadester


Enhanced Port of Muskegon is an economic development opportunity

February 12, 2016
Grand Rapids Business Journal reported this month the expansion of a regional transportation hub can be expected to generate an additional $243 million for this region and $282.9 million for the state of Michigan — and it’s not an airport, it’s the Port of Muskegon. Read More

Can Grand Rapids taxpayers afford utopia?

February 5, 2016
Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss set an optimistic tone in her first State of the City speech, including visions of a utopia unbridled by any budget constraints or concerns. Read More

Education levels, pay rates haunt region’s future

January 29, 2016
Grand Rapids Business Journal has called attention to incongruities in the Greater Grand Rapids market that are likely to create issues in the near future. Read More

Leadership systems are clogged by gods of party politic

January 22, 2016
It is not possible to be in almost any part of this world without seeing the images and updated reporting on the Flint water crisis in one’s face. Read More

All Michigan taxpayers now shoulder responsibility for Flint and Detroit

January 15, 2016
West Michigan has long been especially prideful of regional economic successes prompting growth in what is still Michigan’s second largest city. Read More

Market rate rents far exceed market pay levels in region

January 8, 2016
Grand Rapids Business Journal’s reporting on the problems associated with market-rate rent prices and affordability provides additional information as the Grand Rapids City Commission reviews and revises its Great Housing Strategies plan, adopted in mid-December as a work in progress. Read More

Switch will test region, state’s abilities — especially in educational attainment

January 1, 2016
Brian Long takes a decidedly conservative view of the regional economy as director of supply management research at Grand Valley State University’s Seidman College of Business. Read More

Local businesses build groundwork for a springboard to 2016

December 25, 2015
Some might say the achievements of economic impact this year pale in comparison to the December finale of the state legislative agreement to tax code changes that pave the way for the SuperNAP data center in Gaines Township and its impact on the Michigan economy. Read More

Assure a seat at the table for the community ‘doers,’ not just the donors

December 18, 2015
Grand Rapids Business Journal made a point last week of the West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce advancements in planning and programs for increasingly large Hispanic-owned businesses, and spending less time in discussions that result only in checking off (someone else’s) box on a form labeled “diversity effort.” Read More

Getting out of the ‘minority’ box

December 11, 2015
Grand Rapids Business Journal is reporting on the changes planned by the West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, based on expanding membership and the number of business members attaining successful expansions and business growth as large business entities, not just startups and small businesses. Read More