Vital Signs: Partnerships create thriving sector for biomedical research

January 1, 2016
Grand Rapids is a thriving city filled with small businesses, entrepreneurs, world-class educational institutions and a vibrant biomedical research community. Read More

Today’s students are the future of human health

October 2, 2015
New therapies for cancer and other human diseases begin as ideas — ideas conceived by research scientists with creative minds, problem-solving skills, and a deep, resonant understanding of the scientific process. Read More

Institute is building a national footprint through technology

April 3, 2015
Visit Van Andel Institute on Grand Rapids’ Medical Mile and you’ll see plenty of evidence of our sense of history. Read More

Collaboration is a biomedical research imperative

January 10, 2014
When my parents considered building a research institute in Grand Rapids in the late 1990s, many people thought it a foolish endeavor. Read More

VAI’s Pathway of Hope targets rare genetic disorder

June 28, 2013
Getting the right treatment to the right patient is the all-important aim of any research endeavor and has been at the heart of Van Andel Institute’s mission since its founding in 1996. Read More

Expanded biorepository enhances region’s capabilities

January 5, 2013
A recent collaboration between several members of West Michigan’s biomedical research and life sciences corridor has significant implications for strengthening . . . Read More

VAI Graduate School Changing scientific and educational paradigms

July 2, 2012

On a hot afternoon in mid-June, a special event occurred at Van Andel Institute that, although modest in size, speaks volumes about West Michigan’s ascendency as a new and innovative center of biomedical research.

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Cancer fundraisers are painting the town purple

April 2, 2012

Back in April 2009, an event took place that galvanized a community to join together for a common purpose and that, in the days since, has moved numerous communities throughout West Michigan to do the same. Little did we know at the time that a simple fundraiser at a Grandville High School women’s soccer game would become a movement poised to spread throughout the state and across its borders.

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Parkinsons research results in collaboration

January 3, 2012

As we welcome the new year, I’d also like to welcome someone to Van Andel Institute whose presence in West Michigan is significant in several ways.

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Parents of children with pediatric cancers find hope provide inspiration

July 8, 2011

Will Lacey was just 7 months old when his parents learned in 2004 that he had neuroblastoma, a deadly cancer of the nervous system that accounts for 15 percent of all pediatric cancer deaths in the United States. Will’s early years were spent in endless rounds of chemotherapy and consultations with doctors in four states who declared his condition hopeless.

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