Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey Gitomer is an author, professional speaker and business trainer who writes and lectures on sales, customer loyalty and personal development. Contact him at Follow him on Twitter @gitomer



The risk of 9 to 5 and the reality of before and after

December 12, 2014
Ninety-five percent of all salespeople try to fit their sales day into a normal workday. Read More

The non-secret of achieving success: self-confidence

December 5, 2014
If you want to gain new self-confidence, look for old information. Old is often new. Read More

Consider: Is your weight loss tied to your sales gain?

November 28, 2014
Everyone knows that, as a nation, we are somewhere between overweight and obese. This is not good. Read More

It’s Thanksgiving: say thanks

November 21, 2014
It’s Thanksgiving! It’s the coolest holiday of the year to me. I love Thanksgiving. Food, family — you name it. It’s a time to be thankful. Read More

Presentation skills: Are you the 'toast' of your meetings?

November 14, 2014
I’m giving a 10-minute talk at Toastmasters in NYC tomorrow night. Subject? Humor — what it is, how to create it and how to use it. Read More

What do you do when workplace ‘change’ happens?

November 7, 2014
For most people, “change” is a mixture of what was, what used to be, what is present, what I’m being faced with now, what I believe the future holds and what I have to change to face that future. Read More

There are lots of excuses for no success, but very few reasons

October 31, 2014
The piece below was written in 1937 by Napoleon Hill in his immortal book “Think and Grow Rich.” Read More

Beyond networking — all the way to new business

October 24, 2014
I’ve been attending networking clubs and networking meetings for the better part of 25 years. Read More

How’s your networking? Better if you follow the rules

October 17, 2014
I went to a networking meeting this month hosted by a formal networking organization called Business Network International. Read More

What investment in your business are you making?

October 10, 2014
“Return on Investment” in business is predicated on the ability of the company to deliver as promised in product, profit and its accompanying service. Read More