Bring in people with updated skills to drive new business

February 20, 2015
Recent government statistics show a strong trend in employee hiring. Read More

HR gets the most out of your biggest asset: employees

January 23, 2015
Human resources at one time had an image problem. Read More

An effective timeline keeps the HR process flowing

October 10, 2014
How important is timing? Read More

Put a compensation policy in place to avoid headaches

August 29, 2014
When we do compensation consulting, we usually start with asking about the organization’s compensation philosophy. Read More

The key to being successful is adapting and evolving

July 25, 2014
“Your skills suck.” That’s not something you would actually expect to say during an interview. Read More

Mission, vision and values: Are these just words?

May 23, 2014
Have you seen statements that tout a company or organization’s mission, vision or values? Most of us have. Read More

Retention of key players is essential to every organization

March 21, 2014
It was interesting to see the story on the 50 Most Influential Women in West Michigan in the Grand Rapids Business Journal. Read More

Survey shows single-payer health care system has support

February 21, 2014
In December I wrote an article about a movie presented by The Alliance for Health at its First Friday Forum regarding the state of U.S. health care. Read More

Engaged employees make a difference in business

February 14, 2014
Starting a new year is always exciting. It becomes a line in the sand where people can say, “I’m making a change.” Read More