Retention of key players is essential to every organization

March 21, 2014
It was interesting to see the story on the 50 Most Influential Women in West Michigan in the Grand Rapids Business Journal. Read More

Survey shows single-payer health care system has support

February 21, 2014
In December I wrote an article about a movie presented by The Alliance for Health at its First Friday Forum regarding the state of U.S. health care. Read More

Engaged employees make a difference in business

February 14, 2014
Starting a new year is always exciting. It becomes a line in the sand where people can say, “I’m making a change.” Read More

A plea for feedback: How do we change our health care system?

December 27, 2013
At the end of the year I like to step back from the day-to-day human resource issues and take a philosophical look at HR practices. Read More

Politicians need an HR lesson: teamwork with a focus

November 29, 2013
The point of my typical article is about how you can improve your business or organization through better human resources practices. Read More

HR professionals are most effective in strategic mode

October 4, 2013
It seems somewhat surprising that when you ask people what the human resource department does, you get a wide range of answers: They hire people; they discipline people; they keep the employee records; they write the handbook, etc. Read More

Transition plans from recession, recovery to change are essential

August 23, 2013
Many organizations during the recent downturn were focused only on immediate survival. Read More

Looking in the crystal ball: Aligning organization and skills

August 9, 2013
In my last article I raised the issue of having the right skills for organization requirements. Read More

Investing in and retaining employees crucial for the future

July 5, 2013
A report from the spring Mackinaw Policy Conference discussed the need for skills in order to meet the needs of businesses in Michigan. Read More

Planning, review and revision all are part of retirement

April 19, 2013
About a year ago, I wrote an article about planning your retirement. Read More