Why our growing firm may leave

August 23, 2010

(Editor’s note: Lou Glazer, president of Michigan Future Inc., passed on this communication from a businessman expressing his frustrations with conditions in the state. Glazer said: “I received the attached e-mail — and have permission to distribute — which simply is the best statement of our case that I have seen. The title of the e-mail is Why Our Growing Firm May Have to Leave Michigan. It is from a law firm that cannot fill available high-paid jobs because no one wants to live in Metro Detroit. Before the Great Recession I heard this same story over and over again from knowledge-based employers across the state. Of course, the conventional wisdom still is this cannot happen. People go to where the jobs are. Fix the cost of doing business in Michigan and jobs will blossom, talent will rush here and we will be prosperous again. As Mr. Basile writes, that ain't the way the world works today. Quality of place matters. We need to keep pushing to get this at the top of the state's economic growth agenda.”

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