The talent driver in economic development

September 9, 2012

When you ask most people what springs to mind first when thinking about economic development, they may say ¡§financial incentives to make the project work.¡¨ Sure, making certain that a project is economically feasible is a huge component of the decision-making process when undertaking a new venture, a plant expansion or simply increasing output or productivity to meet customer demands.

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State unveils MEGA replacement program

November 6, 2011

After years of disappointing economic performance, massive job losses and the continued erosion of the state's tax base, Michigan may be on a path to recovery.

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Agricultural development in Michigan alive growing

July 15, 2011

While we are still playing a wait-and-see game regarding the future of brownfield, historic preservation and other urban economic incentive programs, there is an area of certainty — and growth — in our state that bears noting: agriculture and rural development.

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