Snyder targets improved health care for vets

LANSING — Only 30 percent of Michigan veterans apply for health care benefits and only 19 percent use them. Michigan lags behind other states where veterans enroll at a rate of 40 percent and use their benefits at a rate of 25 percent.

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New state rules cut part of local revenue sharing

November 25, 2011

LANSING — Under Michigan’s new revenue-sharing system for municipalities, most local governments will lose a third of their share, and some townships won’t get anything at all.

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State asks to delay health insurance rebates

November 14, 2011

LANSING — Michigan residents will lose $53 million in potential health insurance rebates that instead will go to insurance companies, if the state gains permission to let them do so.

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Michigan Merit standards an overreach lawmakers say

LANSING — Some legislators and educators are considering revising Michigan’s requirements for high school graduation to better accommodate all students’ learning interests.

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