Lody Zwarensteyn

Lody Zwarensteyn

Lody Zwarensteyn is a longtime observer of the West Michigan health care scene and former president of a health care nonprofit in Grand Rapids.


Angioplasty, anyone?

May 15, 2015
Soon there will be a rush for hospitals to enter the field of elective percutaneous coronary interventions. Most commonly referred to as coronary angioplasty, PCI is a proven money maker for hospitals. Read More

Integrity at nonprofits

February 27, 2015
What does integrity mean and what’s it worth? To a nonprofit organization, it should be everything. Read More

The health insurance exchange middlemen

November 3, 2014
The recently created Michigan health insurance marketplace allows people to purchase health insurance online. Read More

The health of Certificate of Need

September 30, 2014
Once again, our legislators have opened season on the Certificate of Need program, or CON, in the health care industry. Read More

Is it panic time for nonprofit organizations?

August 1, 2014
Nonprofit organizations increasingly are facing financial challenges. Read More

A case of mistaken hospital billing

March 21, 2014
A little more honesty in hospital billing, please. Read More

Fixing our broken health care: Part II

February 28, 2014
Personally, I might not have approached financial access the way our Congress did — at least through Obamacare — but I am singularly unimpressed by blindly belligerent attitudes and alternative-less Republicans. Read More

Fixing our broken health care: Part I

January 31, 2014
The issues surrounding the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, have been some of our nation's biggest news and political stories — and they promise to continue. That’s because the act is neither a panacea nor a curse. Read More

Should health care be limited to the insured?

November 30, 2013
Opponents of Obamacare have been justly criticized for not having an alternative plan in case Obamacare is repealed. An answer is easily at hand. There could be a real alternative solution to our health coverage and cost problems. Read More

Who will pay for Obamacare?

October 22, 2013
Washington’s talk about Obamacare is loaded with hidden messages. They all amount to the same thing: let the other guy pay. Unfortunately, the other guy continues to be the American consumer. Read More