Tim Penning

Tim Penning

Tim Penning, PhD, APR, is an associate professor and associate director of the School of Communications at Grand Valley State University, where
he teaches in the Advertising and Public Relations major. He is a past president of the West Michigan Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (WMPRSA). He also blogs about public relations on his own blog, GRPR. Follow him on Twitter @penningink



The pros and cons of nonprofit fundraising stunts

September 3, 2014
There’s no doubt that you’ve heard about the “ice bucket challenge,” a viral phenomenon on social media and in mainstream news that has been raising awareness and a large quantity of money for the ALS Association. Read More

The online newsroom

July 28, 2014
It’s probably at the rate of once a week that I read a blog post or newsletter article wondering or asserting that the news release is dead. But that’s not exactly true. One reason news releases are still useful is the online newsroom. Read More

The many faces of PR

June 26, 2014
I recently wrote on my GRPR blog about the city of Grand Rapids announcing a new position of communications director. In my post’s headline, I wrote that the city was seeking a PR director. Read More

How to recruit an intern

April 25, 2014
“Send me an intern.” Read More

Clicking through basic elements of a website

March 31, 2014
The basics of a good website have changed over the years. Read More

What are the 6 types of Twitter conversations?

February 28, 2014
In the early days of social media, self-appointed gurus of the medium pointed out the wisdom of keeping social channels distinct. Read More

The iTunes model of media consumption

January 30, 2014
People aren’t consuming news or entertainment media the same way anymore. Read More

Is aggregation aggravating?

December 26, 2013
Everyone is doing it. The traditional media are all over it. Trade publications are really into it. Even organizations, both corporate and nonprofit, are doing it with increasing regularity. Read More

How should you pitch journalists?

November 1, 2013
Getting publicity is a common goal. It’s a great boost for your organization to be featured by a print, radio, TV or online media outlet. Read More

Content can't be a commodity

September 30, 2013
A colleague recently shared with me an article in Harper’s magazine that discusses changes in journalism, advertising and, really, all things media. Read More