Man runs from jail sentence

October 31, 2014
| By AP
Authorities said they have captured a man who fled a courthouse in the region after being sentenced to jail. Read More

State approves $50M for skilled tradespeople

October 28, 2014
| By AP
LANSING — Michigan is planning to spend $50 million to help community colleges across the state meet demand for workers in the skilled trades. Read More

Feds award $3.2M to university for low-income program

October 1, 2014
| By AP
A university in the region is getting $3.2 million from the U.S. Department of Education — for a program to increase the graduation rate for students who come from low-income families or underrepresented backgrounds. Read More

Ex-Kent County commissioner pleads guilty

September 29, 2014
| By AP
An ex-Kent County commissioner has pleaded guilty to two felony charges while working for a Catholic cemetery. Read More

Retailer pays $2M for selling recalled products

September 17, 2014
| By AP
A retailer will pay $2 million to settle charges that the company knowingly sold and distributed hundreds of recalled products. Read More

State clarifies tax overhaul to avert payouts

September 15, 2014
| By AP
LANSING — Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a bill to clarify that Michigan never intended to give out-of-state companies a lower tax liability in a 2007 business tax overhaul. Read More

Court approves suit over veteran's death

September 2, 2014
| By AP
A court has ruled that the state can be sued over the death of a World War II vet at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. Read More

Man robs Walmart

September 1, 2014
| By AP
A man wearing construction gear robbed a Walmart in the region over the weekend. Read More

Foundation awards MSU $6M for food programs

August 29, 2014
| By AP
A local foundation has awarded Michigan State University $6 million in grants for research and outreach programs to promote access to healthy food in the state. Read More

Migrant workers sue seed company

August 25, 2014
| By AP
A major seed company is being sued by more than 30 migrant farm workers who said they were underpaid while removing tassels from corn. Read More