GRPD suspends officer

February 20, 2017
| By AP
A Grand Rapids Police Department officer will serve a suspension for his handling of a traffic crash investigation involving a then-assistant prosecutor. Read More

Court and attorneys tackle student absenteeism

February 17, 2017
| By AP
A court pilot project has been started to reduce student absenteeism in two local school districts. Read More

Motel operator pleads guilty in wage case

February 6, 2017
| By AP
A motel operator in the region has pleaded guilty in a federal wage investigation. Read More

School board approves weapon ban

February 3, 2017
| By AP
A school board in the region has approved the banning of students, staff and visitors from possessing, storing or using a weapon on district property. Read More

GRPD officers avoid charges

February 2, 2017
| By AP
A special prosecutor said three Grand Rapids Police Department officers won't face charges for their handling of a crash involving a former deputy prosecutor. Read More

State lets landlords bar medical marijuana in residences

February 1, 2017
| By AP
LANSING — Governor Rick Snyder has signed legislation that lets landlords prohibit medical marijuana patients from growing or smoking the drug on leased residential property. Read More

GRPD suspends three officers

January 30, 2017
| By AP
The Grand Rapids Police Department said three officers have been suspended without pay in connection with a traffic crash involving a former Kent County assistant prosecutor. Read More

Lakeshore park adds 80 acres

January 26, 2017
| By AP
About 80 acres along the West Michigan lakeshore are being added to a park. Read More

Judge sentences mother and daughters for conspiracy

January 23, 2017
| By AP
A woman and her two daughters in the region have been sentenced to prison for bilking the federal government out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Read More

Michigan raises minimum wage

January 20, 2017
| By AP
LANSING — Michigan workers who make the minimum wage are seeing a 40-cents-an-hour raise. Read More