Man sues police after stun-gun incident

June 23, 2016
| By AP
A man in is suing police in the area after he says an officer used a stun gun to subdue him while responding to a call. Read More

Michigan plugs into Apple price-fixing settlement

June 21, 2016
| By AP
LANSING — Michigan consumers are expected to get as much as $10.1 million as part of a settlement with Apple stemming from a 2012 electronic books price-fixing lawsuit. Read More

State orders utility to pay $516K fine

June 17, 2016
| By AP
LANSING — A state commission has ordered a Michigan utility to pay a nearly $516,000 fine over billing rules violations. Read More

Appeals court voids $30M settlement in price-fixing case

June 14, 2016
| By AP
DETROIT — A federal appeals court has voided a $30-million settlement in a class-action lawsuit against Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan involving price-fixing allegations. Read More

Officers fatally shoot robbery suspect

June 14, 2016
| By AP
Authorities said an investigation is ongoing after a man was fatally shot after a holdup at a credit union in the area. Read More

Marijuana legalization group short on signatures

June 7, 2016
| By AP
LANSING — Michigan's elections bureau said a ballot drive to legalize marijuana for recreational use has come up short. Read More

Utility breaks ground on solar power project

June 6, 2016
| By AP
A utility has begun construction on a solar power project in the region. Read More

Court rules woman liable in apartment building fire

May 26, 2016
| By AP
The Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled that a woman whose boyfriend started an apartment building fire is liable for up to $2 million in damages. Read More

Attorney general investigates Grand Rapids veterans home

May 25, 2016
| By AP
Michigan's attorney general has announced that his office is investigating allegations of mistreatment at a state-run nursing home for veterans in Grand Rapids and is encouraging potential victims and witnesses to come forward. Read More

Mental health agency builds facility

May 24, 2016
| By AP
An outpatient mental health and substance abuse facility is being built in the region. Read More