State inspector golfs into fraud charge

January 30, 2015
| By AP
A state elevator inspector who likes to play golf is in the rough. Read More

Planes slide off taxiway at Ford airport

January 29, 2015
| By AP
Light freezing rain caused two planes to slide off the taxiway at Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Read More

Court rules in favor of Grand Rapids marijuana law

January 12, 2015
| By AP
The Michigan appeals court has ruled in favor of Grand Rapids in a county challenge to a local marijuana law. Read More

VA exec resigns after bribery allegations

January 8, 2015
| By AP
The director of a county veterans office in the region has resigned as authorities investigate claims that he asked for cash and other favors. Read More

Judge rules in favor of employer in birth control case

January 7, 2015
| By AP
A local company is not required to provide employee health insurance for birth control as a result of a U.S. Supreme Court decision. Read More

University picks up $3M in state funds

January 5, 2015
| By AP
Governor Rick Snyder has signed legislation that will take $3 million from a state autism fund and re-direct it to autism programs at a university in the region. Read More

State bans college athletes from unionizing

January 1, 2015
| By AP
LANSING — Governor Rick Snyder has signed a law prohibiting college athletes at public universities from unionizing. Read More

Conservancy buys stretch of Lake Michigan shoreline

December 31, 2014
| By AP
HARBOR SPRINGS — An anonymous donor has helped a conservancy buy a large, undeveloped stretch of Lake Michigan shoreline. Read More

Judge sentences ex-Green Party candidate

December 30, 2014
| By AP
An ex-Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate has received his sentence for illegally protesting a new oil pipeline in the region. Read More

Nonprofit examines gold bars in donation bucket

December 25, 2014
| By AP
All that glitters isn’t necessarily gold. Read More