College facing lawsuit over constitution handouts

January 19, 2017
| By AP
A college in the region is being sued by a student and two others who say they were arrested while peacefully distributing copies of the U.S. Constitution. Read More

Man dies after break-room argument

January 13, 2017
| By AP
A man has allegedly fatally stabbed a co-worker during an argument while they were taking a break at a business in the region. Read More

State prohibits local plastic bag regulations

January 4, 2017
| By AP
LANSING — Lt. Gov. Brian Calley has signed legislation to prohibit Michigan communities from regulating plastic shopping bags. Read More

Police chief charged with health care fraud

January 3, 2017
| By AP
The mayor of a city in the area is defending his public safety chief, who’s been charged with health care fraud. Read More

Retailer fires workers for sharing customer's photo-card order

December 30, 2016
| By AP
A retailer has fired some employees who shared a couple's photo-card order. Read More

Michigan appeals court approves suit against retailer

December 27, 2016
| By AP
The Michigan appeals court said a woman can sue a big-box retailer over the misery caused by a refrigerator that wouldn't stop gushing water. Read More

Judge sentences man for fireworks store fire

November 15, 2016
| By AP
A man who set a fireworks store in the area ablaze has been sentenced to prison. Read More

Voters approve zoo, museum and 911 proposals

November 9, 2016
| By AP
Kent County voters have approved a proposed tax increase to help fund a zoo and a museum and a proposed surcharge for enhanced 911 services. Read More

Deputies arrest group for stealing $1M in water heaters

October 28, 2016
| By AP
Four men have been arrested in the theft of $1 million worth of tankless water heaters from a warehouse in the area. Read More

Judge stands firm on ballot selfies

October 27, 2016
| By AP
A local judge has refused to suspend her order that allows Michigan voters to take photos of their completed ballots in the Nov. 8 election. Read More