Michigan sues feds over rule on public school bathrooms

July 12, 2016
| By AP
Michigan and nine states have sued the federal government over rules requiring public schools to allow transgender students to use restrooms conforming to their gender identity, joining a dozen other states in the latest fight over LGBT rights. Read More

Grand Rapids police patrol in pairs for 'emotional support'

July 11, 2016
| By AP
The police chief in Grand Rapids is defending a decision to put two officers in patrol cars after the shootings in Dallas. Read More

The chief goes to Washington

June 27, 2016
| By AP
Grand Rapids Police Chief David Rahinsky is expected to brainstorm with other law enforcement leaders and White House senior administration officials on ways to enhance public trust and confidence in the justice system while maintaining public safety. Read More

Man sues police after stun-gun incident

June 23, 2016
| By AP
A man in is suing police in the area after he says an officer used a stun gun to subdue him while responding to a call. Read More

Michigan plugs into Apple price-fixing settlement

June 21, 2016
| By AP
LANSING — Michigan consumers are expected to get as much as $10.1 million as part of a settlement with Apple stemming from a 2012 electronic books price-fixing lawsuit. Read More

State orders utility to pay $516K fine

June 17, 2016
| By AP
LANSING — A state commission has ordered a Michigan utility to pay a nearly $516,000 fine over billing rules violations. Read More

Appeals court voids $30M settlement in price-fixing case

June 14, 2016
| By AP
DETROIT — A federal appeals court has voided a $30-million settlement in a class-action lawsuit against Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan involving price-fixing allegations. Read More

Officers fatally shoot robbery suspect

June 14, 2016
| By AP
Authorities said an investigation is ongoing after a man was fatally shot after a holdup at a credit union in the area. Read More

Marijuana legalization group short on signatures

June 7, 2016
| By AP
LANSING — Michigan's elections bureau said a ballot drive to legalize marijuana for recreational use has come up short. Read More

Utility breaks ground on solar power project

June 6, 2016
| By AP
A utility has begun construction on a solar power project in the region. Read More