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A blog that discusses the trends that affect the fiscal health of organizations, our communities, the nation and the world. Read More

Tips on doing business internationally

January 16, 2018
As increased connectivity expands global reach, businesses now have the world at their fingertips — even right here in West Michigan. With the proper guidance, even a small company can make the transition into an international market. Read More

Cash flow is king

December 29, 2017


A blog that discusses local projects by private and public players –– and what drives the industry: urbanism, economic development, design, LEED, sustainability, historic preservation, workforce training and regulation. Read More

The perks of GPS in construction

January 11, 2018
While GPS technology on heavy machinery such as tracked dozers and excavators is nothing new — early adopters started using this technology in the early 2000s — the number of civil contractors using this technology in the last five years has nearly doubled. Read More
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A blog that explores our community's diversity -- and highlights the people, ideas and events that help bring us all together. Read More
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Health Care

A blog that examines the moves of the many players that make up one of the region's key economic engines: hospitals, universities, clinics, practices and nonprofits. Read More

Bringing yoga practices off your mat and into your busy life

January 31, 2018
Wake up. Dawdle on your Instagram feed. Attempt to get yourself looking presentable for the day. Stress about the 18 things on your to-do list. Stare at the dishes you were too lazy to clean last night after “the most dramatic episode yet” of “The Bachelor.” Go to work. Read More

Hospital excesses

December 29, 2017

Hospital billing gripes

November 30, 2017
Michigan Supreme Court seal


A blog that breaks down the local, state and federal laws of our land. Read More

4 legal compliance items for the new year

January 4, 2018
One of the most important roles of a business attorney is thinking about risk avoidance, with a goal that if bad things happen to your company, they aren’t as bad as they could have been. As we start a new year, here are four legal issues to double-check and update before something happens. Read More
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Marketing, PR & Advertising

A blog that offers insights into the strategies and tactics employed by professionals to spread messages via the mediums of our time.   Read More

Upping your digital marketing game in 2018

January 10, 2018
We are calling 2018 the year of digital marketing. Businesses that rise to the top of online searches are those that have a clear digital marketing plan. Read More

A love letter to LinkedIn

October 31, 2017

Millennials and brand loyalty

September 29, 2017
Real Estate blog

Real Estate

A blog that examines the significance of place and what defines a location –– and the industry: markets, micro markets, urbanism, neighborhoods, residential, commercial, mixed use, economic development, design, history and sustainability. Read More

Real estate resolutions for the new year

January 9, 2018
It’s a brand new year, which is a popular time for reflection, goal setting and resolutions, especially for your real estate portfolio. Read More

Real Estate Notebook

December 31, 2017
Small business and startups blog

Small Business & Startups

A blog that discusses the everyday realities of growing a business — including entrepreneurship, raising capital, product development, distribution, marketing, finance, HR, management and market strategy. Read More

15 ways to shift your spending to local this year

January 31, 2018
Take a moment to think about the power of your wallet or pocketbook. Believe it or not, you have the ability to use your hard-earned money to not only support yourself and your family, but also strengthen your local community and economy by keeping your dollars local. Read More
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A blog that shines a light on the innovations shaping our everyday lives -- and a platform for thoughtful futurists.

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What happens when we no longer need to work?

January 30, 2018
I wrote this blog a few weeks ago. And when I wrote it, I kept thinking this seems too far in the future to actually be relevant now. Read More

A future in tech

October 24, 2017