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Real Estate

A blog that examines the significance of place and what defines a location –– and the industry: markets, micro markets, urbanism, neighborhoods, residential, commercial, mixed use, economic development, design, history and sustainability. Read More

Forget travel: Grand Rapids is a top destination for business development

March 31, 2014
Last December, the popular and off-the-beaten-track travel website Lonely Planet ranked Grand Rapids and Lake Michigan’s Gold Coast at the top of its “Top 10 U.S. travel destinations for 2014." Read More
Small business and startups blog

Small Business & Startups

A blog that discusses the everyday realities of growing a business — including entrepreneurship, raising capital, product development, distribution, marketing, finance, HR, management and market strategy. Read More

Small businesses: Please stand and be recognized

March 31, 2014
Our community uses a variety of definitions to describe small businesses. The Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy defines a small business as one with fewer than 500 employees. Read More


A blog that discusses local projects by private and public players –– and what drives the industry: urbanism, economic development, design, LEED, sustainability, historic preservation, workforce training and regulation. Read More

Safety: It's just good business

March 18, 2014
For the first time in recent memory, the construction industry in West Michigan is taking time out to discuss an important part of our business that's all too often just boiled down to stats and numbers — during Alive365: Safety Week. Read More
Grand Rapids Business Journal Health Care Blog

Health Care

A blog that examines the moves of the many players that make up one of the region's key economic engines: hospitals, universities, clinics, practices and nonprofits. Read More
Grand Rapids Business Journal PR and Media blog

PR & Media

A blog that offers insights into the strategies and tactics employed by professionals to spread messages via the mediums of our time.   Read More
Grand Rapids Business Journal Diversity blog


A blog that explores our community's diversity -- and highlights the people, ideas and events that help bring us all together. Read More

Dream Big Fair elevates women of color

April 11, 2014
The Dream Big Fair is showcasing businesses owned by women of color on Saturday. Read More
Grand Rapids Business Journal Technology blog


A blog that shines a light on the innovations shaping our everyday lives -- and a platform for thoughtful futurists.

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What will you find in the cloud?

April 18, 2014
Many small- to medium-size businesses use a traditional local client-server infrastructure, but they could show significant advantages by employing cloud technologies. Read More
Grand Rapids Business Journal The Social Buzz blog

The Social Buzz

A blog by GRBJ staff that's a casual, and sometimes cutting, roundup of what's being said around town -- both online and offline. Read More

University counts twins for world-record attempt

April 18, 2014
Visitors to a local university’s campus might think they're seeing double with the number of twins at the institution. Read More

LaughFest eyes next world record

February 25, 2014
| By AP
Grand Rapids Business Journal Economy blog

Banking & Finance

A blog that discusses the trends that affect the fiscal health of organizations, our communities, the nation and the world. Read More

Maneuvering tax-return extensions

April 10, 2014
As the April 15 deadline looms, many taxpayers are considering extending their 2013 tax returns. Read More