Eliminate Obstacles & Become Profitable

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3/6/13 7:00 am AST
Western Michigan University Conference Center
200 Ionia SW
Grand Rapids, MI
United States
This FREE seminar is a high level introductory event that will introduce who we are, explain our key strategies for success, explain the different options available, discuss cost options, and review success stories from companies in the Grand Rapids area. Task Advisors are strategic consultants that help companies identify their problems and go through the proper channels in order to bring their company back to profitability. We are experts in: reorganization refinancing capital sourcing debt reduction chapter 11 bankruptcy liquidation We can help you reach an affordable settlement with your creditors, establish relationships with your vendors to stretch your business debt out over time, or negotiate the amount you owe. We can help you create a positive business environment that will help move your company forward. This is a painful process both emotionally and financially but you can get through it and we are here to help.