Improving Employee Performance through Positive Feedback

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4/30/13 9:30 am AST
BBB Serving Western Michigan
2627 E Beltline Ave SE
Grand Rapids, MI
United States
Contact: Megan Hopkins
Feedback is one of the top 3 factors that motivate people at work. In fact, research shows us that effective feedback can improve performance between groups and individuals. According to another study, feedback is healthy, positive, and helpful communication between two people. Are you ready to find out how to: …motivate your employees …create a more positive work environment …handle everyday distractions that disrupt the flow of communication Megan Hopkins (Director, Center for Character Ethics) has designed a short seminar that will help you communicate more effectively with your employees while overcoming four types of distractions that occur every day. Cost for Accredited Businesses: Free Cost for Non Accredited Businesses: $40.00 Cost for Non-profits: $20.00