Understanding Information Architecture Workshop

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4/24/13 9:00 am EST
The Factory
38 Fulton Street W
Grand Rapids, MI
United States
Information architecture (IA) is evolving. At the advent of the World Wide Web, IA was practiced as a form of digital librarianship, organizing the information contained within websites to make things easier to find and use. Today it serves a much greater purpose, since all aspects of business and everyday life increasingly depend on digital information. As the distinctions between physical and digital space become less meaningful, the traditional lines between products and services, creators and users, customers and vendors are dissolving. Users experience many complex, information-rich digital places, but not all of them are well-architected. What does it mean to architect information? How does the structure of information relate to understanding? How can you manage complex information across channels and contexts? What unique value can information architects bring to the creation and delivery of products and services? In this half-day workshop, Dan Klyn presents an updated model for understanding information architecture. Whether or not you are new to information architecture, Dan will help you see how the changing information landscape demands new levels of understanding. Student Takeaways: Understand the value information architecture brings within the context of today’s digital enterprise. Gain hands-on experience with powerful tools that communicate information structures and interaction design. Learn important IA “do’s,” and “don’ts” based on Klyn’s 15 years of experience as an information architect. Learn how to think like an information architect, working with four key phases of analysis: (1) discovery, (2) user research, (3) strategy, and (4) structure design. Improve your ability to apply IA principles to what you do. Course Details Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 Time: 9am to 12pm Cost: Regular: $140 per person. Early Bird: $99 until April 20. Maximum Class Size: 15 attendees Level & Prerequisites: This workshop is appropriate for digital business owners, user experience practitioners, and IT leaders as well as those who are entering the field of information architecture.