Exhibiting in China: Lessons Learned -- Free Seminar

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5/22/13 8:00 am EST
Skyline Exhibits West Michigan
4768 Danvers Drive SE
Kentwood, MI
United States
Contact: Mari Schultz
The pull on U.S. based companies to open new markets in China and Southeast Asia is compelling and growing daily. The tremendous growth of the Chinese and Southeast Asian economies are reflected in China's building of a new 5 million square foot convention center located in Shanghai. By the year 2015, Shanghai, China, alone will have over 6.8 million square feet of trade show exhibiting space, outpacing Las Vegas in the United States at 3.2 million square feet, and Dusseldorf in Germany at 2.8 million square feet. The cultural and logistical challenges of creating new markets in these regions can be daunting and intimidating. Skyline's "Exhibiting in China: Lessons Learned" seminar and panel discussion aims to identify potential pitfalls and cite effective strategies for a successful marketing venture on the other side of the world.