BBB Sponsor Webinar: Reviews, Ratings, & Reportss

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6/20/13 10:00 am EST
United States
Contact: Alex Goron
Do you know… … your BBB is now reporting the details of a consumer complaint and the business response? … your BBB rating and the influencing factors? … the benefits of claiming your BBB Business Review? Surveys show that when performing pre-purchase research, a consumer wants to see the details of complaints on file against a business. The BBB Serving Western Michigan has joined the growing list of BBBs that are now including complaint details in their company business reviews. What is your BBB rating, how it is configured, and how can it be improved? How does complaint detail reporting and your rating affect your BBB Business Review? Your BBB will be conducting a webinar to provide detailed information and answer any questions on the above topics. Please contact Lynne Pope at for more information.