Business Acumen Simulation for non-Financial Professionals

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10/16/13 12:30 pm EST
MSU Tollgate Education Center
28115 Meadowbrook Rd.
Novi,, MI
United States
The International Association for Performance Improvement in Michigan (ISPI) and the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) in the Detroit Area have organized a hands-on business acumen simulation for Human Resource Professionals, Training and Development Professionals, Organization Development and IO Psychologists, as well as anyone who wants to learn how their work impacts the bottom line of their organization. Participants will learn: • How profit is made and why it is a key indicator of your organization’s success, even in non-profits • How business finances really work and why you need to know • How strategic direction affects daily operations, and how you can use this information to positively impact your role as an agent of change • How to communicate the ROI of your ideas to senior management • What you can do to help move the numbers in the right direction and show your senior leaders you know what you are talking about Our presenter is Alex Draper, VP of ProfitAbility America. Alex started life as an account manager in the UK 10 years ago. He worked his way up and across the Atlantic to lead the North American business. As the lead designer and facilitator of the Profitability’s Business Acumen Simulations in N. America, Alex ensures that the lessons of finance and business are reinforced at every step of the learning journey. Join a prestigious group of companies who use their simulations to develop their people: Nestlé, Roche, GKN, IDEX, Azko Nobel, Boston University’s EMBA Program, BorgWarner, GE, London Business School, Timken, Stryker, Speedo, Siemens and many others. Alex is passionate about leadership development, and is an active member of the Executive Learning Exchange in Chicago. Get more Information and sign up at