The 3 Biggest Lies Big Data Tells

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2/11/14 11:30 am AST
Calvin College's Prince Conference Center
1800 East Beltline SE
East Grand Rapids, MI
United States
Contact: Nicole Huston
American Marketing Association of West Michigan presents "The 3 Biggest Lies Big Data Tells" Everywhere you look marketers, digital marketing consultants and thought leaders are chiming off about big data. Extolling its virtue and declaring it the savior of sales and marketing departments worldwide. But they lie. Big Data is full of big problems. And if you follow these prophets like lemmings, you’ll find yourself unsuccessful and maybe unemployed. In this thought provoking and counterintuitive talk, Tom Martin - internationally known speaker and author, himself a proponent of data-based marketing, will pull back the covers to expose three of big data’s darkest secrets. In this talk you’ll learn: -- Why big data is no better than small data -- Why every company doesn’t necessarily need big data to dominate it’s category -- The secret weapon in making big data create big profits