AMA WM B2B Marketing: Building Meaningful Brands In The Connection Economy

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3/11/14 11:30 am EST
The Prince Center at Calvin College
115 W Michigan Avenue
Grand Rapids, MI
United States
Connecting the dots between strategy and practice in a B2B world. Brand builders and marketers today can be overwhelmed with change and choice. We live an an era of rapid change, making it hard to develop clear value propositions and coherent marketing strategies that attract prospects to your products and services. This presentation will address how the marketing landscape has changed, and how to better create a sustainable advantage, with a focus on B2B marketing. 3 Takeaways: 1. Getting traction through strategic focus 2. Creating brand meaning and a sustainable advantage 3. User-centered techniques for holistic brand building Meet Kevin Budelmann, Peopledesign PeopleDesign-Kevin_Yang_0272 Kevin likes to say he’s not the smartest guy at Peopledesign, but that he’s smart enough to hire smart people. His modesty balances his accomplishment as the president of our firm, a designer with a rather large award horde, and speaker and judge at design events and institutions across the continent. Kevin studied computer interface design before it was cool at Carnegie Mellon University, while gaining his degree in graphic design, and before pursuing further study at The School of Design in Switzerland. Kevin likes business, studies commerce. He has studied the inner workings of many businesses in many industries for the past 15 years, learning a lot about how messages travel, how leaders communicate, how sales stories are crafted and told, what customers and clients need. He’s fascinated by large organizations, communications problems large and small, and how new technologies are both fixing problems and creating new ones. So he spends half his time helping leaders communicate, and half his time running People Design, the third half learning about new technologies, and his fourth and best half he spends as husband to Yang and Dad to Lulu, Toki, and Bruno.