SALES WORKSHOP: Do the Unexpected--Get a Different (and Better) Result

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8/21/14 8:00 am AST
Sandler Training Facility
2610 Horizon Dr SE
Grand Rapids, MI
United States
Have you ever heard the saying, “Success is not an accident?” Sales professionals who are successful aren’t necessarily smarter than everybody else, nor are they luckier. Their success derives largely from the fact that they have identified what to do and when to do it. Long-term success is most often the result of doing a number of things effectively, efficiently, and consistently over time rather than doing one or two things extraordinarily well. In order for you to have long-term success at sales, you must have a strategy—a plan of attack—that guides you throughout the workday. In these sales workshops, you will learn about Sandler’s Formula for Success and how to use it to generate you own strategy for accomplishing the everyday tasks involved in sales. Create powerful goals and workable plans to achieve your success formula. July 17: 8:00 – 11:00am • Stay on the right side of the trouble line • Burn your bridges • Be mentally and emotionally tough • Maintain a healthy Identity/Role balance • Cultivate support August 21: 8:00 – 11:00am • Know when to use product knowledge • Know your competition • Keep an Attitude/Behavior Journal • Work a prospecting system • Have a system for selling 2 Ways to Register: Go to: Email: Investment: $395/both sessions $250/one session