Free Planetarium Show

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11/15/12 7:00 pm to 12/13/12 7:00 pm AST
221 S. Quarterline Road
Muskegon, MI
United States
Anyone who has read the Bible has learned of the glory and the wonder of the “Star” that declared the birth of Jesus Christ. Yet, it seems few people of that time, including King Herod’s court astronomers, were aware of the star’s appearance. What was the “Star” referred to in scripture? “Mystery of the Christmas Star” investigates possible dates for the sighting of the “Star,” and looks at significant astronomical events visible in the sky in those time frames. See which of the “sky signs” remarkable enough to have caused the Wise Men to travel over 600 miles through the desert from Babylon to Bethlehem. The program will be followed by a brief tour of the current night sky, using the planetarium. Public Showings Tuesdays & Thursdays, 7:00 PM