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STEAM Village pushes student innovation

ArtPrize Hub’s Planet3 demonstrates human connectivity based on technology.

September 23, 2016
This year, ArtPrize is focusing more on how art can change education. Read More

Legislators flunk; ArtPrize advances education

September 23, 2016
After all the popular votes were counted and ArtPrize Two closed in game-changing style, the education community wanted opportunities to invest, partake and learn from all that was available in the wondrous mix. Read More

ArtPrize Eight kicks off competition

September 20, 2016
ArtPrize Eight kicks off downtown on Wednesday at noon — with 170 venues participating and more than 1,450 artists. Read More

ArtPrize opening neighborhood hubs

September 15, 2016
ArtPrize is opening seven new neighborhood hubs across town for this fall’s competition. Read More

Switch and ArtPrize gather STEAM

Tech company’s exhibit will blend science, technology, arts, engineering and math.

July 29, 2016
One reason Switch Ltd. executives chose to locate the company’s eastern data center in West Michigan was its culture, led by a visit to ArtPrize. Read More

Q&A: Amelea Pegman

June 14, 2016
With a background in social work, coffee making and community building, Amelea Pegman’s work has always circled around creating opportunities for people to connect with one another in new and meaningful ways. Read More

ArtPrize looks ahead at Annual Report Breakfast

March 10, 2016
ArtPrize made a number of announcements at its Annual Report Breakfast on Thursday morning. Read More

ArtPrize calls for 'ambitious' public art ideas

February 10, 2016
ArtPrize has announced a new grant program that will support “large” and “ambitious” public art entries for ArtPrize 2016. Read More

Films make headway at ArtPrize Seven

October 16, 2015
Even without the backing of state money, local film continues to be a grassroots arts industry that won’t give up. Read More

ArtPrize Seven names winners

October 12, 2015
ArtPrize Seven has come to an end, and the winners of $500,000 in prize money have been announced. Read More