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One-year grace period for inventors is alive but not well

March 30, 2018

Signed into law in 2011, the America Invents Act provides a one-year grace period for inventors or applicants to file patent applications for their invention.

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A checklist for subdividing real estate

March 16, 2018
Purchasing only part of an existing tract of real estate or subdividing an existing tract of real estate into two or more parcels makes a typical real estate transaction much more complex. Read More

Get your slice of the state contract pie

February 23, 2018
Every year, the state of Michigan invites businesses to bid on $53 billion in contracts for construction projects, goods or services. Read More

Law firm re-elects managing partner

January 10, 2018
A local law firm has opted not to change its leadership. Read More

U.S. Copyright Office requires electronic registration

Digital registration offers protection to service providers from copyright infringement by users who post.

January 5, 2018
By taking necessary steps, online service providers (OSP) can avoid legal litigations. Read More

Law firm ranks No. 8 in Midwest for health law

December 13, 2017
A local law firm is considered one of the top 10 firms for health law in the Midwest. Read More

Things to consider when it comes to gifting

December 8, 2017
The holiday season is upon us and, as is typical around this time of year, you may feel more inclined to make gifts to your loved ones. Read More

Trust us: Construction contracts eliminate surprises

December 1, 2017
Thinking about renovating a building? Expanding your facilities? Improving infrastructure? Read More

Lawyer re-appointed to Michigan Attorney Discipline Board

November 29, 2017
After serving for three years, a local lawyer has been re-appointed to the Michigan Attorney Discipline Board by the Michigan Supreme Court. Read More

Long-term growth for law market

Likely surge attributed to new firms entering Grand Rapids, existing firms expanding to more efficient space.

November 17, 2017
In its annual Law Firm Perspective, real estate group JLL highlighted how Grand Rapids’ law market is poised for growth as outside groups are entering the market. Read More