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Wireless power firm sells to California company

October 5, 2017
A Grand Rapids wireless power firm has been acquired by a similar company based in California. Read More

Wireless company charges ‘smart’ apartment complex

December 9, 2015
A West Michigan company has been selected to provide the wireless technology for the world’s first “socially active smart apartment units.” Read More

Report ranks wireless carriers in Grand Rapids

May 29, 2015
An independent organization recently evaluated and ranked the performance of wireless carriers in the Grand Rapids market. Read More

Telecom company invests $200M in market

March 31, 2014
Over the last three years, a global telecom company has invested about $200 million in its networks that serve businesses and consumers in the area. Read More

ISP fills in wireless network

February 25, 2014
An Internet service provider is filling in its wireless broadband network. Read More

Iserv extends free Wi-Fi network downtown

September 25, 2013
A new free Wi-Fi hot spot is now permanently in place in downtown Grand Rapids, thanks to a collaboration between Iserv and ArtPrize. Read More

Sprint spreads 4G network in West Michigan

July 30, 2013
A national wireless carrier deployed its 4G network in two major West Michigan cities today. Read More

Sprint rolls out 4G LTE wireless network in Michigan

June 17, 2013
Sprint Nextel has begun rolling out its 4G LTE network in Michigan. Read More

Iserv turns on free Wi-Fi at Rosa Parks Circle

June 14, 2013
The company has kept its promise, and thousands of downtown workers and visitors to Rosa Parks Circle will benefit from it. Read More

Mobile devices make up 75 percent of all phones in Michigan

June 4, 2013
| By AP
LANSING — The number of traditional landlines in Michigan is continuing to fall, and cellphones now make up three-quarters of all phones, according to a state report released Monday. Read More