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Retailers open in downtown incubator

August 25, 2016
A tailor and a seamstress are officially opening their new shops downtown. Read More

Minor league basketball team scores downtown store

July 9, 2014
A minor league basketball team is filling a high-profile vacancy downtown. Read More

The mark of a historic chapter in city history

August 23, 2013
The Monroe Center story on page 3 provides an instant flashback for anyone over the age of 30: “Not that long ago, downtown’s main street was made up of vacant buildings and empty storefronts. That landscape began to change when Rockford Construction Co. transformed the former Peck Drugstore building at Monroe Center and Division Avenue about 15 years ago into what is now MoDiv.” Read More

A design room with a Vue

Custom bridal gown maker is growing, reorganizing and moving.

January 18, 2013
A creative downtown business is creatively restructuring. The business is also in the process of moving due to the almost instant success since it opened a little more than a year ago. Read More