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What is your company’s place in history?

December 29, 2015
Over the years I have met dozens of fellow company owners who are at the helm of companies with more than 50 years in business. Read More

Paul Ryan: What kind of leader is he?

December 11, 2015
At the tender age of 45, new U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan is one of the youngest men to hold the position of the 54th Speaker of the House (elected Oct. 29 after weeks of discussion), and he is third in line for the presidency behind Joe Biden. Read More

Introverts have traits that make them excellent leaders

November 7, 2014
Some would suggest that a person must be an extrovert to be a good leader — that to be followed, a person must be heard clearly and frequently. Read More

An effective timeline keeps the HR process flowing

October 10, 2014
How important is timing? Read More

Good leaders accomplish more with (rather than through) others

August 29, 2014
Great leaders develop practices and communicate expectations that allow them to manage fairly and consistently as they motivate people to contribute their proportionate share toward the success of the team or the stability of relationships. Read More

Successful leadership transitions: traps to avoid, tips for success

August 8, 2014
It’s never easy to step into a leadership role from outside an organization. Read More

‘Hidden’ talent offers big score

March 21, 2014
The spring awards and recognition events offer exceptional examples of business leaders and organizations walking the talk of inclusion in business ranks and recruitment. Read More

Women need opportunities

December 20, 2013
Editor: The statistics in your recent editorial, “Ignoring women leaders fouls the region’s economy” (Dec. 16), are unfortunately the grim reality of women leadership across the country. Read More

Are you sharing your vision?

October 28, 2013
As a business owner who’s married with four children, I've learned the hard way that a lack of shared vision — and lack of clear communication about that vision — is a recipe for personal and professional disaster. Read More

Leadership actions that are not an option for leaders

September 13, 2013
A line from the song “Oldest Established” — from the immortal Broadway show (and my personal favorite) “Guys and Dolls” — is: “Where’s the action? Where’s the game?” Read More


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