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How recent Supreme Court rulings may affect your business

February 6, 2015
Litigation has a way of disrupting a company like few other events. Read More

Witnesses are entitled to respectful treatment during litigation

May 23, 2014
No one likes to see an obnoxious lawyer on the other side of a courtroom. Read More

Understanding litigation can make the process more controllable

February 7, 2014
As a trial lawyer, I read essays on litigation. Read More

Judgments confirm debt, not payment

August 9, 2013
A judgment in favor of a plaintiff who is owed a debt is not a promise that the debtor will pay. This aspect of litigation is often misunderstood, and the possibility of never collecting on the debt should be a big part of an individual’s consideration of whether or not to file suit. Read More

Dickinson Wright litigates to Michigan Firm of the Year award

May 7, 2013
Dickinson Wright has been named Michigan Firm of the Year at the U.S. Benchmark Annual Awards. Read More

Specialized ‘business courts’ arrive in Michigan

February 15, 2013
Find me one executive or business owner who likes litigation. Read More