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Three more big sales questions and bigger answers

January 30, 2015
Here are a few more sales, business and life answers that can help you make more sales today, and help you build a personal brand and reputation forever. Read More

Vote and then remember: Government is a facilitator, business is a creator

October 31, 2014
The order of business this week is to first cast a vote; it’s an act that may provide a lever for venting and a sigh of relief that ends the abominable cacophony of minute-after-minute ads of distortion. Read More

I know you love your business, but do your customers?

March 7, 2014
What’s the “RAP” on you and your business? What do you mean you don’t know? You created it! Read More

Considering employment in the family business

January 10, 2014
Are members of the next generation of the family business considering working for the family firm? Read More

Crowdfunding is essential to growing business, communities

What would happen if we could invest in businesses in our own communities? Read More

Long-term economic outlook better for West Michigan

October 11, 2013
Growing very slowly, but growing. Read More

Ongoing maintenance will keep your business running smoothly

July 26, 2013
Maintenance is an underappreciated function in many businesses. Read More

Reading non-business books offers insight on people

March 1, 2013
My family has suggested I might relax more if I read novels instead of history, business and political books. Read More

HR professionals face challenges with aging work force

September 4, 2012
For those of you who have been around the business environment for a while, you might recognize the evolution of that functional organization that deals with employee matters. Its name has changed over the years to reflect its role. The common label today is human resources, or HR. It has evolved from a person with pure administrative responsibility who kept track of employee addresses, job assignments and pay rates into an instrumental part of the organization with a place at the table in the C Suite. This, of course, depends on the organization and how these matters are viewed and treated. Read More

State targets sales record zappers

August 31, 2012

Any Michigan business owner tempted to underreport cash receipts with the use of “zapper” software had best beware: Since last week, simple possession of the software is good for a one-year minimum mandatory jail sentence plus severe financial penalties.

Read More