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Local real estate agents are familiar with radon testing

January 30, 2015
Public health officials in Lansing and in Kent County — as well as Gov. Rick Snyder — take the threat of radon gas very seriously and urge people to test for its presence in their homes. Read More

Major revisions to Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Act

January 30, 2015
By signing Michigan Senate Bills 623, 624 and 929 on Jan. 15, Gov. Rick Snyder ratified a significant set of revisions to the Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Act that every nonprofit should consider implementing, or at least be familiar with. Read More

Snyder vetoes bills prohibiting e-cigarette regulation

January 22, 2015
LANSING — Governor Rick Snyder has vetoed bills to prohibit e-cigarettes from being regulated as tobacco products under Michigan law. Read More

Snyder calls for restructuring in State of the State

January 21, 2015
LANSING — Governor Rick Snyder announced plans during his fifth State of the State address to "dramatically" restructure parts of the state government in an effort he said will help the poor. Read More

Low wages are major impediment to labor supply

January 16, 2015
Gov. Rick Snyder has made clear that one of his top priorities is career technical education for the skilled trades, particularly in construction, manufacturing and agriculture. Read More

Michigan changes Internet sales tax law

January 16, 2015
LANSING — Michigan residents who buy from Amazon, Overstock and some other online retailers will be forced to pay the state's 6-percent sales tax starting in October, a move to close what backers say is a loophole that has left traditional businesses at a disadvantage. Read More

State approves welfare drug tests

January 2, 2015
LANSING — Governor Rick Snyder has signed legislation that creates a drug-testing program for adult welfare recipients who are suspected of using drugs. Read More

State bans college athletes from unionizing

January 1, 2015
| By AP
LANSING — Governor Rick Snyder has signed a law prohibiting college athletes at public universities from unionizing. Read More

Snyder appoints chief legal counsel

December 31, 2014
Governor Rick Snyder has appointed a judge with local ties to be his chief legal counsel. Read More

State extends film incentives

December 29, 2014
Governor Rick Snyder has put his John Hancock on a piece of legislation that extends the Michigan film credit program for seven years. Read More