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A new way to think about the way you present

August 21, 2015
Where is “value” in your sales equation? Where is “value” in your sales presentation? What role does “value” play in building customer loyalty? Read More

Show me the value, or I’ll show you the door

August 14, 2015
How do you make a sales presentation? Read More

The questions that matter most in a sales presentation

March 13, 2015
When you’re giving your sales presentation, do you really know what the customer is thinking or what they’re asking themselves as you’re presenting? Read More

When you walk in empty headed, you walk out empty handed

May 24, 2013
How much of your presentation is “standard”? Read More

The difference between presentation and communication

April 5, 2013
How do you communicate? How good of a communicator are you? Read More