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Three more big sales questions and bigger answers

January 30, 2015
Here are a few more sales, business and life answers that can help you make more sales today, and help you build a personal brand and reputation forever. Read More

Jeffrey responds to 3.5 big questions with 3.5 bigger answers

January 23, 2015
Here are 3.5 answers to 3.5 questions frequently asked by salespeople: Read More

The risk of 9 to 5 and the reality of before and after

December 12, 2014
Ninety-five percent of all salespeople try to fit their sales day into a normal workday. Read More

The non-secret of achieving success: self-confidence

December 5, 2014
If you want to gain new self-confidence, look for old information. Old is often new. Read More

The green flag is out for the holiday shopping season

December 5, 2014
LANSING — Conditions are good for the official start of the holiday shopping season (regardless of whether it began on Thanksgiving or the day after): brisk weather, lower gasoline prices, reduced unemployment and optimistic retailers offering big bargains. Read More

Consider: Is your weight loss tied to your sales gain?

November 28, 2014
Everyone knows that, as a nation, we are somewhere between overweight and obese. This is not good. Read More

It’s Thanksgiving: say thanks

November 21, 2014
It’s Thanksgiving! It’s the coolest holiday of the year to me. I love Thanksgiving. Food, family — you name it. It’s a time to be thankful. Read More

What do you do when workplace ‘change’ happens?

November 7, 2014
For most people, “change” is a mixture of what was, what used to be, what is present, what I’m being faced with now, what I believe the future holds and what I have to change to face that future. Read More

Why your sales process or sales system doesn't work

September 26, 2014
Are you being forced to sell someone else’s way? Are you uncomfortable using a “system” of selling? Read More

The overlooked power that may be your sales kryptonite

September 5, 2014
I see, therefore I learn. I see, therefore I think. I learn and I think, therefore I reason and respond. Read More