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Raising kids amidst family business success

January 30, 2015
The next generation of family business owners is required to be many things. They are expected to be smart — even smarter than their talented entrepreneurial parents. Read More

How can family businesses retain key outsiders?

December 26, 2014
The ability to attract and retain talented employees is key to the long-term success of any business. Read More

Tax changes affect family business, but there’s still time to plan

November 21, 2014
For most of us (or perhaps all of us), writing checks to the IRS does not make our Top Ten list of things we look forward to. Read More

Exit strategies for a family business owner

September 12, 2014
The manager of a family business who is considering retirement often has four goals: paying as little in taxes as possible, keeping the business in the family, treating heirs fairly, and ensuring competent successor management. Read More

Capital gain rules benefit family businesses and investors

August 23, 2013
Once known as “Furniture City” and now “Beer City USA,” Grand Rapids has long been a home to innovation and entrepreneurs. Read More

Compelling reasons for pre-transition planning

March 29, 2013
Family-business owners often spends a lifetime building theirir business, and it is typically their single largest financial asset. Read More

Service providers, trusted advisors: How to work with family businesses

December 15, 2012
Are the majority of your clients family businesses? Chances are, yes. Read More

Selling the family business or not

September 9, 2012

The long, bitter recession seems to be waning these days, which means some owners of a family business who had held off selling out two or three years ago when nobody was spending money on anything might be thinking the time is right.

Read More

Fair versus equal legacy planning with a family business

September 4, 2012
Planning for the succession of a family business can go beyond a discussion of equal versus fair. Should the business be transitioned now or later? Is the current owner willing to cede the reins of the business and retire, or is it not yet time to ride into that proverbial sunset? Read More