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A Christmas message: Reflecting on two books

December 25, 2015
I am fascinated by the relentless march of technology and all the productivity and enhancements it brings to life. Read More

How connectivity affects productivity: Thoughts from a millennial

September 23, 2014
On a fall afternoon, I sit at my desk, navigating through a number of open tabs on my laptop’s Internet browser. My earbuds are nudged tightly in place, while my smartphone rests within inches of the wrist that sports an activity tracker. This isn't part of a cruel multi-tasking challenge. It's my chosen state of focus, a personal Zen. Read More

Ongoing maintenance will keep your business running smoothly

July 26, 2013
Maintenance is an underappreciated function in many businesses. Read More

Where's the productivity?

May 15, 2013
In spite of headlines pointing to emerging signs of recovery, the economy continues to perform poorly. Jobs and hours worked are a poor guide to the economy’s health. More important is productivity, which determines living standards. Read More