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Startup develops technology to automate city parking

February 23, 2015
A startup is developing a way urban drivers can automate the way they pay for parking spaces. Read More

Startup develops app for concert management

February 20, 2015
A startup is helping musicians and their teams manage concert tours on the road. Read More

Startup develops storytelling platform for college athletes

February 19, 2015
A startup is developing a web-based platform for college athletes to provide a first-person look into their lives. Read More

Startup develops web app for filmmakers

February 18, 2015
A startup is developing a web app to help filmmakers manage the many facets of their productions. Read More

Start Garden ends weekly investments and re-plants 5x5 Night

February 16, 2015
Start Garden is handing off the task of regularly investing in startups to the community — through a new crowdfunding platform. Read More

Startup develops outdoor smartphone remote

February 12, 2015
The overall winner of Startup Weekend Grand Rapids has secured an initial round of seed funding. Read More

Start Garden triples funding limit

February 10, 2015
As Start Garden settles into its new home, it’s tripling the maximum amount it will invest in a startup and opening up applications to work at its downtown space. Read More

Startup connects mobile users to interpreters

February 9, 2015
A startup is developing an app to connect businesspeople and travelers to live interpreters through their mobile devices. Read More

Health plan rolls out cash-back perk for healthy purchases

February 4, 2015
A health plan is rolling out a new cash-back perk for its members to incentivize healthy lifestyles through a mobile shopping app. Read More

Start Garden invests $20K more in local guides

February 2, 2015
A web service that gives local knowledge to tourists has received $20,000 more from Start Garden based on its growth. Read More