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Live video tells you if the joint is jumpin’

September 10, 2014
Using a live feed streaming video in local entertainment venues, the team behind a new platform is envisioning a revolutionary way for individuals to base their decisions on how to spend their evenings out. Read More

Interior design service draws $20K investment

September 3, 2014
The latest Start Garden winner has designs on going big. Read More

Startup develops educational electronics

August 27, 2014
A startup company that produces electronic modules with a focus on improving the “how-to” experience for consumers is getting a boost from a Grand Rapids-based entrepreneurial incubator. Read More

Startup develops personal assistant app

August 19, 2014
A startup is developing a mobile app to take the time out of time management. Read More

Startup develops social-polling app

August 11, 2014
A pair of Hope College students is developing a photo-based mobile app for indecisive people. Read More

Startup develops athletic recruiting app

August 4, 2014
A startup is developing a mobile app to connect high school athletes with recruiters. Read More

Startup develops job-search platform for college towns

July 4, 2014
A startup is working to make it easier to find a job in college towns. Read More

Start Garden enters hiatus

July 3, 2014
The $15-million seed fund Start Garden is taking a break from its regular schedule to focus on growing its portfolio companies. Read More

Start Garden invests $5K in container homes

June 26, 2014
Using new and recycled shipping containers, a newly invested idea by Start Garden is redesigning cost-effective modular homes. Read More

Startup develops job-hunting app

June 18, 2014
A startup is trying to make the job-search process easier. Read More