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Michigan: a laggard, not a leader

April 11, 2014
Listening to the press, elected officials in Lansing and Michigan business leaders, one gets the sense that Michigan has one of — if not the — best state economies. Read More

40 Under Forty class headed in right direction

January 24, 2014
It was my great pleasure to serve as a judge for the Business Journal’s 2013 40 Under Forty class. Read More

West Michigan’s 2013 economy and what’s next

December 20, 2013
Walking with my kids to church last week, my 10-year-old daughter was talking about a writing assignment she had at school, so I asked if she’d help me write this article. Read More

Where you live affects your opportunities

Study finds that health care, education and even volunteer opportunities are good indicators.

December 13, 2013
(As seen on WZZM TV 13) LANSING — Access to better economic opportunities depends largely on your Michigan ZIP code, according to Opportunity Nation, a Washington, D.C.-based coalition that researches economic issues. Read More

Expect slow growth for the foreseeable future

December 13, 2013
Slow growth. That’s the ongoing word on the West Michigan economy, according to the data collected for November. Read More

Economy picking up steam, but long-term outlook dims

November 15, 2013
Still growing slowly, but a tad faster than last month. Read More

Prevailing wage repeal: another step toward stable state economy

September 20, 2013
Gov. Rick Snyder and the Michigan Legislature have done much to improve Michigan’s business climate in recent years. Read More

GRBJ 30th Year: There is no quick recovery from recessions anymore

Even so, per capita income here is way up compared to 30 years ago.

September 13, 2013
As awful as the recent Great Recession was, West Michigan doesn’t look too shabby when comparing the per capita income of now to 30 years ago. Read More