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Kent County board passes wage compensation for four units

Negotiators agree to 2-percent wage increases annually.

November 24, 2017
Kent County commissioners are in agreement with wage increases for four bargaining units. Read More

Roofing company receives favorable verdict in trade secrets case

November 25, 2015
A roofing company has emerged at least partly victorious in a case involving trade secrets. Read More

County may be looking at higher court costs

Where those dollars will come from is anyone’s guess.

October 25, 2013
The Kent County Executive Committee learned the commission may have to come up with more than $3 million in 2015 — money that’s not in its current budget — if the state expands the 17th Circuit Court. Read More

Specialized Business Docket is earning its keep

September 4, 2012
It is rare that business owners and attorneys meet in glad circumstance. The Business Journal this week reports on the first six months of operation of Kent County’s 17th Circuit Court Specialized Business Docket, a pilot program to establish a court solely dedicated to business matters. Read More

New business court receives good early grade

August 31, 2012
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Mark Smith, a shareholder and litigator for Rhoades McKee, has taken part in the Specialized Business Docket, the official name for what is basically a pilot program to determine whether the state’s circuit court system should establish a court solely dedicated to business matters. Read More