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Grand Rapids ranks as 'Top 10' minor league sports market

August 18, 2015
Grand Rapids is rising in the world of sports. Read More

City’s venues attract name performers, throngs of visitors

Collaborative effort ensures varied entertainment options thrive.

July 24, 2015
A collaborative effort put forth by the entire city is the main reason Van Andel Arena, DeVos Place and DeVos Performance Hall frequently rank well ahead of similar venues in other cities. Read More

Griffins revel in playoff atmosphere

May 6, 2015
It’s not often that a city changes its name to avoid confusion during a hockey playoff series. Read More

Van Andel Arena ranks No. 1 for minor league hockey

March 4, 2015
Van Andel Arena is considered the “best” place to watch a minor league hockey game. Read More

Cher headlines Van Andel Arena

June 11, 2014
Another big-name artist will find her way to Van Andel Arena this year. Read More

Griffins suit up for home playoff run

April 29, 2014
With the Detroit Red Wings out of the NHL playoffs, the Grand Rapids Griffins have the full attention of Michigan hockey fans. Read More

Final Five hockey teams face-off

March 21, 2014
Although the Grand Rapids Griffins are out of town, there will still be hockey at Van Andel Arena this weekend. Read More

Band rocks farewell at Van Andel Arena

January 29, 2014
A quintessential ‘80s hair band will kick off its farewell tour at Van Andel Arena. Read More

Van Andel Arena ranks as 'top' global arena

January 27, 2014
Van Andel Arena made some waves in 2013. Read More

Big-name acts stop at Van Andel Arena

January 16, 2014
Two of today’s biggest music stars will be making tour stops at Van Andel Arena this summer. Read More