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Supreme Court upholds municipal land ordinance

September 29, 2017
A recent Supreme Court ruling could have implications for landowners in the state of Michigan. Read More

Emails trip up municipal officials

State appeals court rules commission members using email to discuss public policy violated Open Meetings Act.

September 22, 2017
A recent unpublished opinion by the Michigan Court of Appeals is a good reminder that deliberation is deliberation, no matter the venue. Read More

New rules of the road for Uber, Lyft

Public Act 345 sets statewide standards regulating taxicab, limousine and ride-sharing services, pre-empting local ordinances.

September 1, 2017
A law aimed at standardizing regulations for taxi companies and ride-sharing services is in effect in Michigan. Read More

Law firm hires member

July 10, 2017
A Grand Rapids-based law firm has hired a new member who specializes in family law and estate planning. Read More

Law firm elects management committee

March 21, 2017
A local law firm has elected several partners to its management committee. Read More

GRBJ Podcast: Kurt Graham of Mika Meyers on the OT rule

November 29, 2016
Kurt Graham — an attorney at MIka Meyers — is the featured guest in episode 10 of the GRBJ Podcast. Read More

Judge blocks federal overtime rule

November 23, 2016
A federal judge has blocked the long-anticipated mandatory overtime pay rule that was set to take effect Dec. 1, making thousands of local workers and millions nationwide eligible for time-and-a-half pay for hours worked past 40. Read More

Legal association names Outstanding Member

June 1, 2016
A legal association in the region focused on the advancement of women in the profession and society has named the winner of its Outstanding Member Award. Read More

Law firm offers alternative to paying a broker’s fee

Mika Meyers’ program helps those buying or selling a home on their own.

March 4, 2016
Grand Rapids law firm Mika Meyers has set out to curb the costs of selling a home for those who want to do it on their own but still need a helping hand. Read More

Law firm wins $83M judgment against bank

September 29, 2015
A local law firm has won an $83-million judgment against a bank with a large presence in the region. Read More