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College cuts staff

June 5, 2017
In response to declining enrollment, a local college has announced it is cutting a number of staff positions. Read More

Bank laying off 129 employees

May 15, 2017
A bank with a large presence in the region is shuttering a facility and cutting 129 jobs. Read More

Amway laying off 90 workers

May 5, 2017
Amway is planning to lay off about 90 workers. Read More

Insurer 'consolidating' 600 employees

May 5, 2017
An insurance agency is closing a facility in the region with hundreds of employees. Read More

Retailer closing stores

April 5, 2017
A discount retail chain is shuttering six stores in the region. Read More

Truck supplier closing plant

April 5, 2017
A global truck supplier is shutting down another plant in the region. Read More

Stryker Instruments restructuring and laying off workers

March 30, 2017
Stryker Instruments plans to restructure and layoff an undisclosed number of employees. Read More

Truck supplier closing plant and laying off workers

March 27, 2017
A global supplier to the truck industry is closing a plant in the region, a move it said will affect all of its employees there. Read More

Seating maker selling division and laying off 80

January 3, 2017
A local seating maker is selling a division to a competitor in town and laying off about 80 workers. Read More

Customer contact center laying off workforce

August 24, 2016
A company expects to lay off all of the employees at its local customer contact center. Read More