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Medical device supplier makes $2.7B acquisition

February 1, 2016
A supplier of medical devices and equipment is acquiring a company that makes products focused on reducing and preventing hospital-acquired infections. Read More

IT company acquires Pennsylvania firm

January 28, 2016
A local IT company has expanded its presence in Steel City. Read More

Truck supplier acquires North Carolina company

January 28, 2016
A maker of parts and accessories for trucks and trailers has acquired a manufacturer in North Carolina. Read More

Bank makes $1.1B acquisition

January 26, 2016
A Michigan-based bank with a large presence in West Michigan is acquiring another bank in the state for roughly $1.1 billion. Read More

Acquisition deal creates nearly $100B bank

January 26, 2016
A bank with a number of locations in West Michigan is acquiring a bank with a presence in the state for roughly $3.4 billion. Read More

IT company acquires design firm

January 26, 2016
A local IT company has extended its capabilities by acquiring a human-centered design consulting firm. Read More

Private equity firm acquires building supplier

January 25, 2016
A private equity firm has acquired a maker of residential exterior aluminum products. Read More

Gardening supplier acquires Florida company

January 22, 2016
A maker of planters and outdoor living products has acquired a Florida-based company that will extend its reach to 10,000 retailers. Read More

Law firm expands footprint

January 21, 2016
A statewide law firm is expanding into southwest Michigan via acquisition. Read More

Liquidation firm acquires motorcycle maker

January 20, 2016
A local liquidation firm is planning to help a struggling motorcycle manufacturer get back on the road. Read More