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Holland should leave internet to the private sector

October 6, 2017
A common measure of a right-sized government is it essentially leaves to the market everything except for the services or goods that cannot or will not be produced by the private sector. Read More

Massive opportunities for small businesses in government contracting

When most people think about companies that sell goods and services to the federal government, they probably think big: aircraft from Boeing or tanks from General Dynamics. Read More

Street Talk: A competitive game

Birthday month.

December 11, 2015
Michigan lawmakers plan to scale back tax break legislation designed to land a mega-Internet data center in the state. Read More

Sustaining Highway Trust Fund will be test for Congress

February 20, 2015
If you like potholes, thank a politician. Read More

Vote and then remember: Government is a facilitator, business is a creator

October 31, 2014
The order of business this week is to first cast a vote; it’s an act that may provide a lever for venting and a sigh of relief that ends the abominable cacophony of minute-after-minute ads of distortion. Read More

Getting the job done vs. dazzling with speeches

June 14, 2013
The events in Washington and Lansing of the past few months are an example of how politics is nothing more than ordinary life going on in front of reporters and media. Read More

Sen Hildenbrand Worth looking at changes in CON law

October 1, 2012
Legislation approved by a Michigan Senate committee would change the Michigan Certificate of Need process for determining where and when new hospitals should be built, and would eliminate West Michigan’s Alliance for Health from the process altogether. Read More

The talent driver in economic development

September 9, 2012

When you ask most people what springs to mind first when thinking about economic development, they may say ¡§financial incentives to make the project work.¡¨ Sure, making certain that a project is economically feasible is a huge component of the decision-making process when undertaking a new venture, a plant expansion or simply increasing output or productivity to meet customer demands.

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