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Appliance maker partners on oven for 'automated' cooking

June 24, 2016
An appliance maker in the region is partnering with a food technology company to develop ovens that “enable advanced automated cooking and dynamic digital recipes.” Read More

Whirlpool names CFO

June 23, 2016
As part of a planned transition, Whirlpool has named its new chief financial officer. Read More

Appliance brand develops Wi-Fi refrigerator

June 10, 2016
Having a party? A new refrigerator by an appliance brand in the region will allow you to remotely activate the ice maker to make more ice for the occasion. Read More

Appliance maker launches beer system via crowdfunding platform

May 31, 2016
An appliance maker in the region is launching a product aimed at homebrewers via a crowdfunding platform. Read More

Appliance maker invests $13.5M in wind-energy projects

May 26, 2016
An appliance maker in the region is planning to invest $13.5 million in new wind turbines to help power a pair of plants. Read More

Appliance maker signs deal with homebuilder

May 17, 2016
An appliance maker in the region has teamed up with a homebuilder to outfit its projects for the next two years. Read More

Appliance maker ranks among '100 Best Corporate Citizens' in US

April 25, 2016
An appliance maker in the region has been recognized as one of the top corporate citizens the country. Read More

Whirlpool approves $1B share buyback

April 19, 2016
Whirlpool is demonstrating "confidence" in its "long-term plans" through a $1-billlion share re-purchase program, as well as an increase to its quarterly dividend. Read More

Brand wins international Best of the Best award for product design

April 1, 2016
A kitchen appliance has stood out among a field of 5,000 international contenders for its product design. Read More

EPA names appliance maker Partner of the Year

March 28, 2016
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has recognized an appliance maker in the region for its contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases through its energy-efficient home appliances. Read More