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Appliance maker acquires commercial laundry supplier

May 19, 2015
An appliance maker is “driving growth in an adjacent business” by acquiring a company that makes commercial laundry equipment. Read More

Appliance maker ranks as a top 'Corporate Citizen'

May 15, 2015
An appliance maker is considered one of the “100 Best Corporate Citizens” in the country. Read More

Appliance maker rolls out five-door refrigerator

May 1, 2015
A refrigerator’s job is to keep foods fresh and organized, which is why an appliance maker is introducing a “first-of-its-kind” five-door refrigerator. Read More

West Michigan execs win national STEP awards

April 17, 2015
A trio of West Michigan women have won national STEP awards from a nonprofit working to develop talent in the manufacturing industry, where women are under represented. Read More

Appliance maker wins Partner of the Year award

April 8, 2015
An appliance maker is being recognized once again by the Environmental Protection Agency for its commitment to making energy-efficient products. Read More

Appliance maker signs deal with homebuilder

April 2, 2015
An appliance maker has signed a three-year agreement with a homebuilder operating in multiple states. Read More

Appliance maker forms new global business unit

March 19, 2015
An appliance maker has formed a new global business unit focused on a “fast-growing” market with “significant growth potential.” Read More

West Michigan companies rank among 'World's Most Admired'

February 25, 2015
Several West Michigan employers are in a select class of the “World’s Most-Admired Companies.” Read More

Appliance maker asks American consumers what they want

February 6, 2015
What do consumers really want in the next generation of appliances? Read More

Appliance maker calls for videos for national ad spot

January 22, 2015
An appliance maker and country music star are inviting people to submit videos for a chance to perform in front of “tens of millions of people.” Read More