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IT company scales into new space

May 2, 2014
A local IT company is online at its new space after doubling its head count over the last year. Read More

IT firm flies flag in London

January 28, 2014
A part of Grand Rapids can be found in London. Read More

IT firm acquires client growth

January 10, 2014
All the statewide clients and talent of an Indiana information technology company now belong to an IT firm in the region. Read More

Hacker breaches FSU network

August 16, 2013
Ferris State University got hacked. Read More

National IT firm expands in West Michigan

August 15, 2013
A Cleveland-based IT firm has invested $400,000 to open a new space in the West Michigan market. Read More

OST plants stake in downtown Detroit

July 25, 2013
Could now be the right time to expand a business into Detroit? Read More

Cloud apps drift into focus

July 16, 2013
The clouds are shifting, but not in the sky. Read More

Video Chat: OST exposes top 10 IT security holes

May 17, 2013
Open Systems Technologies has hit another growth spurt this year. Read More

Open System Technologies' growth triggers 5,000-square-foot expansion

December 19, 2012
Open System Technologies has hit its growth spurt. Read More

Street Talk: Another use for the fiscal cliff

Perk jerk.

December 15, 2012
It’s always about the money. Especially if you happen to be a congressman hanging off the fiscal cliff — or being thrown off. Read More